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Case Study - Ardagh

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Supporting Starkey Innovations Ltd for Ardagh Metal Packaging UK

Ardagh Metal Packaging

MAS OPEX Digital can be applied to projects across a multitude of industries to help in achieving operational excellence. Our solution has been built on over 30 years lean best practice in some of the biggest global organisations. MAS OPEX Digital is flexible to your needs, can be integrated as a lean self deployment application, or as a blended approach with lean operational excellence consultants helping your organisation to adopt lean thinking, achieve and maintain operational excellence.

During this blog we will discuss a project presented to us by Starkey Innovations and Ardagh Metal Packaging, a metal and glass packaging provider for some of the largest global brands. Ardagh assigned our partner Starkey Innovations Ltd to complete a refit of their graphics department, and both tasked us with supporting Starkey Innovations Ltd with optimising their project workflow at a factory setting.

Let's move on to the case study.

The Challenge

We were tasked by Starkey Innovations and Ardagh Metal packaging to implement the MAS OPEX Digital application at the beginning of the project and throughout to help Starkey Innovations keep constant communication with Ardagh, raise factory specific best practices with the aim of optimising their project workflow.

The Solution

We gave the team at Starkey Innovations access to MAS OPEX Digital and provided guidance in order to optimise their project performance, ensuring they could complete the project within budget, on time and to the highest quality. We have included examples of the application in action, important issues raised and actioned within Starkey Innovations/Ardagh Project in order to keep key stakeholders informed.

Bespoke Project Setup Categories Used

We utilised the Factory Design, Safety Assessment, Lean Project Management elements of the application, which allowed Starkey Innovations Ltd to ensure that we had considered material and people flow to/from site, health and safety including covid related issues through using the app.

“OPEX Digital raised the need for online/physical sign-in, weekly reports and making digital certification accessible to management”

Utilising Open Digital App raised actions in the planning phase such as the need for weekly meetings/reports, and it raised the need for both a physical and online live sign-in process and digital certification access, to communicate with Management.

OPEX Digital App - Lean Project Management

OPEX Digital App - Safety Assessment

The safety section was important in highlighting the need for online RAMS/qualifications to communicate trade competence with management as well as allowing us to ensure that we had the correct PPE, fire safety awareness, first aid, accident prevention etc. elements in place during the project.

OPEX Digital App - Factory Design

The Factory Design section was used in the Graphics Department as it raised issues regarding material and people flow within the working project environment. This was important as multiple trades had to work in similar areas and as the project progressed, the space changed as per the project scope.

This section also raised practical questions to allow Starkey Innovations and the team at Ardagh to utilise ‘lean’ thinking when implementing elements such as lighting and electrics, thinking of the users experience in the area and how the people would interact with space and the machinery in the graphics department, all trades found this thinking useful.

Benefits Analysis

  • MAS OPEX helped the project to be completed on time, in budget and to client satisfaction

  • The planning phase was reduced to be 10% faster than planned, through using MAS OPEX Digital

  • 0 Accidents to project team members through utilising MAS OPEX safety assessment

  • Manpower management improved trade cycle time delivery by 8%

  • Covid risk reduced due to improved regular 2 day fasting and audit process

  • Improved project flow due to factory design module and installation guidelines

Client Feedback

"We were impressed with the use of MAS OPEX Digital application which streamlined communication through raising the need for implementing physical and digital online documents, made accessible to management at Ardagh such as RAMS, an online project gantt chart and daily/weekly progress report. The app also helped the contractor to implement safety assessment and consider people and material flow at all stages of the project.” Mark Worrall - Graphics Manager, Ardagh Metal Packaging UK

Want to learn more about how MAS OPEX Digital can help you introduce visual management within your business? Follow the link below.


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