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Continuous improvement culture

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

The importance of upskilling your team

Your most important asset is your people, and that means that from management level to skill specific roles, your people buy in to your continuous improvement culture.

Bad habits leads to bad practice, leading to inefficiencies, and ultimately to increased and unplanned downtime and potentially dangerous situations.

Upskilling and training your team leads to standardisation of best practices, improves motivation, increases employee retention and promotion by proving that you are committed to investing in your people.

We understand the importance of continuous improvement at MAS OPEX Digital, and our application is a self deployment solution built around personal growth.

“We believe that self deployment solutions that empower self development at their core are the future of Industry 4.0 / IoT adding real value to sites and organisations.”

Training changes perspective, increases knowledge and develops team cohesion, amongst other benefits.

For example, our MAS OPEX Digital solution includes help icons at every available opportunity so that the user can access help documents and view an overarching roadmap to operational excellence - to engage independent development, plus if deployed site wide this creates standardisation. See images below.

Our belief in growing a continuous development culture goes one step further with our “lean academy” as shown below, in which the user can achieve a full CPD accreditation across a range of lean subjects, through applying the knowledge gained through the help documentation and applying lean practices, creating motivation and rewarding adopting a standardised best practice approach that will benefit the user within the workplace.

So, with one eye to the future of IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions, we believe implementing innovative digital solutions to support your people to upskill themselves and implement solutions and functions will be critical in forging a continuous improvement culture within organisations and ultimately, operational excellence.


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