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UK & Global Manufacturing sector adopting digital transformation

Recently, OPEX digital exhibited at the SMART FACTORY EXPO, and as one of the busiest stalls, we experienced a great deal of interest in adopting industry 4.0 solutions from manufacturers to gain the competitive advantage.

An appetite for digitisation - we heard it first hand!

We learnt that both UK and globally based organisations are looking to up-skill their teams and improve their processes.

We spoke and gave demonstrations to organisations within the following sectors:

We learnt that operations managers, plant managers and continuous improvement experts are actively seeking digital solutions to solve their challenges, and streamline operations

Some manufacturers are aware they are being left behind, but are looking to be proactive

From our conversations, most manufacturing organisations recognise they have been left behind with digital technologies that they recognise can streamline operations, increase uptime and have huge savings driving them to operational excellence.

For example, a manufacturer within the automotive industry mentioned that retaining and upskilling their workforce with digital solutions was their biggest challenge.

This shows us that organisations are looking to become proactive to challenge their issues and there is a strong appetite to adopt cutting edge systems.

Industry insights from The Manufacturer

We attended an exhibitors event hosted by the Manufacturer and learned some interesting facts about the UK manufacturing scene.

We were presented with data showing that current industry issues such as:

  • The supply chain, which we were informed is not likely to ease greatly in the near future.

  • High energy costs

  • People and skills issues, recruitment

  • Need for accelerated digitisation

Always happy to learn - What we learned of our system

We saw that in the ever changing global workplace, people enjoy key metrics visually displayed, as shown with our SQCDP display mode and focused visual data.

We learned that our approach in creating a system that is self deployed, and allows knowledge transfer to individuals resonated with manufacturers, all seemed to understand that our web app is driven by teams, supporting the most important asset, people.

If you would like to learn more about our solution, or would like a demonstration, please contact us today.


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