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Industry 4.0 Digital IoT Solution

Our Affiliates

We work with likeminded organisations to help drive industry 4.0 forward.

We seek to connect collaborate with organisations that we share the same values and ethos with and is of mutual benefit and value to. 

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Our Affiliates

Car Factory

Central America

CI-CEDAR Solutions


As a regional affiliate of OPEX Digital, we are here to provide clarity to your digital transformation process and provide you with the precise tools you need.


Solutions that are easy to use, implement and understand.

We specialize in integrating process digitalization projects, combining advanced hardware and software, along with technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Our team will guide you to optimize your operations and make decisions based on accurate data, adapting solutions to your industry and taking you into the era of Industry 4.0.

Our Services


  • Monitoring of indicators and conditions in real time


  • Integration of technological projects


  • Artificial intelligence


  • Computer Vision


  • Training and Consulting

 Trusted by organisations globally

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