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Achieve Operational Excellence today.

Businesses across all industry sectors strive for operational excellence, achieving this with consistency is difficult, especially for geographically dispersed businesses.


Therefore we have developed OPEX Digital in response to organisations need for a digital solution that can be deployed globally, that is affordable and standardised.

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Add REAL Value
within your

View performance, action improvements with image uploads and see kaizen savings and measurable performance improvements.

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Time and Cost
saving for your

A simple pricing plan of £1 per user per day saving cost and time as opposed to face2face lean consultants.


*Can be implemented as part of a blended approach for consultants and businesses.

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Long term

As the app offers help documents and training, your team become experts in lean management as tailoring the tools to your organisations needs.

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across your

Our  industry 4.0 solution up-skills and standardises your teams approach through help docs and our Lean Academy*

*Over £300 worth of CPD Certified training included for every user.

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Reduced reliance on face 2 face with our web solution and a reduced carbon impact due to our web based app offering global implementation.

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Industry 4.0
IOT Solution

Our cloud based web application solution can be implemented to monitor compliance globally, on any device.

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Create a
problem solving

Empower your team to Implement actions, then improve, measure and repeat with problem solving thinking.

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Empower your organisation with confidence

30+ years of globally recognised best in class lean experience and expertise in one solution to empower consultants and businesses.

Take a Free Tour of OPEX Digital 

A self deployment lean web app, bespoke to your industry, organisation, site and department.

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Oil & Gas

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Health & Care

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Public Sector


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Our Lean Management digital web application solution is leading the industrial revolution 4.0!

Our unique industry 4.0 solution is tailored to your organisation and implemented and driven by your teams. 


Our lean solution offers guidance, training, and subsequent CPD Certification for all your organisations employees, adding real value by training your team across all levels to lead best practice lean thinking.

See how OPEX Digital can help you grow today. 

Proven. Trusted. Value-added.

 Achieve and maintain Operational


 Can be


Globally - Cloud Based

 A digital solution for lean integration

 Operational Excellence at affordable pricing

 Standardise your approach to operational excellence

Affordable. Consistent. 
Sustainable. Transparent.

Our Digital Web app helps you to achieve operational excellence across your organisation through providing the framework for you to produce your product:

☑ At the lowest cost

☑ With the shortest lead time

At the best possible quality

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